About Us

About Us

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We Are Certified Exchange Specialists Who Provide 1031 Exchanges To Real Estate Investors

We are the nation’s most elite, full-service 1031 Qualified Intermediary.
Granite Exchange settles for nothing less than the ideal solution for your wealth. With us on your side, you are ready for what’s next.

20 years of advising wealthy individuals have given Granite Exchange a rare ability to anticipate our clients’ needs. With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of wealth, every aspect of our advice – from assessment to delivery and implementation – is tailored to your unique requirements.

How Much Profit Will I Keep By Using A 1031 Exchange?

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As a property or business owner, the 1031 Exchange is a powerful investment tool. Property that is sold or transferred for gain can be subject to taxation. Those taxes can add up quickly depending on the type of property, how long it was owned, state taxes, capital gains, depreciation, and the owner’s tax bracket. As a property seller, you may be liable for taxes up to 40% We are Certified 1031 Exchange Specialists. We will explain 1031 exchanges and how to make them work for you.

full-service 1031

With a reputation for managing the financial needs of exceptional people, Granite’s unique approach to wealth management centers on objective and pertinent advice, driven by intelligent and trusted relationships. We are experts at navigating the complexities of today’s tax codes, we ensure your wealth works for you.

full-service 1031

Granite is a renowned authority in the dynamics of 1031 Exchanges. Check out our blog with our in-house 1031 exchange specialists and experts. Granite’s blog examines the trends of today and the innovations that could shape tomorrow.

full-service 1031

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What We Do

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Each of our Certified Exchange Experts is accredited beyond industry standards. With 20 years of experience as a 1031 Exchange Accommodator Granite has affected over 20,000 Exchanges and saved its clients hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.


With over one billion in assets in control, your security comes first. With the use of fidelity bonding, E&O insurance, segregated escrow accounts, and Two-Factor Authentication we ensure your safety and protection. Your trust is our top priority.


From planning for retirement or protecting and preserving wealth, Granite offers objective advice and solutions. Working seamlessly with escrow officers and teams of specialists ensures suitable recommendations for every aspect of your wealth.


REITs, TICs, and DSTs are all different ways that you can invest. We understand that wealth means more than money. Helping our clients navigate the complexities of passing on wealth is our goal.

Taxes & Efficency

If your goal is a 100% tax-free 1031 exchange, be sure to engage a 1031 qualified intermediary (QI) with a proven track record — your QI should help you carefully structure your exchange to avoid surprises.


We aim to be the most responsive company in its industry. We provide clients and our professional partners with dedicated service representatives and drive efficient operations across the firm.



We are proud to have long-standing relationships with the intermediary community and have a designated team supporting relationships with escrow officers, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, investment consultants and corporate finance professionals.